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About Our Course

Course Length

All course is university (or graduate school) preparatory course, and course length is maximum 24 months (2 years), each level takes 3 months (190-200 hours). Japanese class is conducted 4 hours a day (9:00-12:20 or 13:00-16:20) except for Saturday, Sunday, national holiday and vacations. Total school hours are 760-800 hours per a year. Equivalent level of JLPT is also shown in a figure. There is a possibility that some classes skip particular level depending on students' linguistic ability. And students who already have the grade of JLPT might skip several levels.

main textbooks we are using


EJU is scheduled on Jun and Nov. 98% (80/82) of national university and 50% (289/581) of private university are evaluating the basic academic ability of applicants using EJU score. In case of EJU on Jun 2015, the applicants number in Japan was over 18000. The admission exam of private university usually begins from the autumn, therefore 1st EJU on Jun is very important.


Our basic objective is to get good EJU score in the second year. With regard to national universities, score of 70 percent at least would be needed.
Always we should keep in mind. . . the daily learning is for the EJU.

Academic Counseling

From July of 2nd year, we conduct the personal guidance regarding the selection of university by referring EJU score and previous successful candidates score.

Optional Course

Mathematics lesson is conducted maximum 5 hours per a week through the year. Before 2 months from the EJU, intensive lessons of math and other subjects are also started.

Refer to EJU Mathematics Syllabus

Basic Principles


Accelerating the number of successful applicants

Our students enter into the universities all around Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Each university has each tradition, so we are also considering whether the university can be matched with students' expectations.

Best learning class for each student

Level check test is done every 3 months. Depending on the score of the test, attending class might be changed.

Counseling is one of our important missions

UIEC is the first educational facility for students who continue to study in Japan. We have three academic advisors, their nationalities are Japan, China and Morocco. Although students might be puzzled sometimes by cultural differences, our advisors are able to resolve their issues.

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Kozo Yamada

Work Experience
- Principal, Language School in Chiba Pref.
- Vice Principal / EJU Division, JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization)
- Japanese Expert from Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in Thailand, Airlangga University
- Lecturer, Japanese Language School of the International Students Institute
Curriculum Coordinator

Tomoko Kogo

Work Experience
- Coordinator of Japanese Lecturer Training Course
- Curriculum Coordinator, 2 Language Schools in Chiba
- ETP Chief Instructor
- DAAD Chief Instructor
- Lecturer, Tokyo School of Japanese Language
- Tokyo Office, KDD Co.Ltd
Academic Advisor

Adil El Hadaoui

Work Experience
- Japanese Lecturer, Embassy of Japan in Morocco
- Japanese Lecturer, National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications
- Completion of "Training programs for overseas teachers of the Japanese Language", The Japan Foundation Japanese Language Institute
- Completion of the training program for the person who achieved excellent results, The Japan Foundation


Hainan Zhao

Work Experience
Fresh Graduates
- Outstanding leadership and communication skill inspires students' motivation
Mathematics and Physics Lecturer

Mohammed Sahli

Work Experience
- Math Lecturer, Tokai University / SABIC Company etc.
- Programmer, Capgemini Company
- Technician, University of Casablanca
- Founder of www.isnaha.com
- Developer of Arapan Project (Genome Assembly)

Hideki Akimoto

Work Experience
- Founder, Integral Human Resources Co,Ltd.
- Founder, UIEC
- Technical Manager, Quicklogic
- FAE/AE, Xilinx
- Researcher, Clarion Central Laboratory (Member of The Institute of Television Engineers)

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