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Welcome to UIEC website

UIEC was established in 2002, and has been announced in the official gazette on September 30 in the same year. UIEC has also been authorized by "Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau" and "Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education".
We can provide good language education and appropriate migration path for entering into higher education institutions.

Our Advantages

Our objective is to achieve good results in the university admission exam, and therefore UIEC standard curriculum is focused on EJU. We also offer optional intensive courses for required subjects of EJU, class is conducted outside regular school hours. With regard to an entrance exam of the graduate school, we assist to find out the professor whose study is matched with students' expectation.
Our staff career as an expert in Japanese language is full of distinguished achievements. UIEC supervisor has more than 40 years experiences, and curriculum coordinator (chief lecturer) has more than 20 years experiences in the field of Japanese language. We can provide the most desirable academic migration path to each student by outstanding experiences.
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We are professional, educated, experienced, and dedicated to your success !

Studying abroad is going to be a major turning point in your life. We hope that your study in Japan succeeds, and we would like to prove your decision was correct.

Finding Employment

Our group corporation "Integral Human Resources" offers employment placement services. "Saitama Center for Go Global Students (GGS)" also supports us regarding the job hunting. In general, the requirements for a finding employment are as following.
- Graduation from univ which is authorized by the Ministry of Education in home country
- Contents of the duties need to match with the major field at university
- Japanese language ability of N2 level at least, enough communication skill for business
Please refer to Guidelines for Permission for Change of Status of Residence on Immigration Bureau website.


Football is very popular in Urawa since long ago. Football anime created in 1970 was modeled after actual high school in Urawa. And FIFA world cup was done at Saitama Stadium in 2002. It's also a home stadium of Urawa Red Diamonds which is one of the big football clubs in Japan. UIEC football club was set up for the purpose of international and cultural exchange through football games, we are respecting both the letters and arms.
We are recruiting the opponent team around Urawa-city !