UIEC - Urawa International Education Center


2nd Admission Ceremony in AY2015 was done on Oct 6th. The total number of student of first grade becomes 113 students from 7 nations (China, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India).
The annual speech contest was held on Sep 17. Saudi student took first prize, second prize were China and India student. Congratulations !
UIEC website has been renewed. Other languages (Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and Japanese) will be available soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
India and Saudi students who don't use Chinese characters in their home country started to study from the elementary level 1 year and 4 months ago. They were studying Japanese seriously, and they have passed the JLPT-N2 on July 2015. The flexibility of our curriculum is also getting results steadily.
We carried out a traffic safety seminar to students of UPS classes with the cooperation of Urawa Police Staion. Saitama Prefectural Police
An increase in the admission capacity was approved from July 2015. Total number of the admission capacity changed to 206, and total number of the class becomes 12.
Ahmed-san (UPS-1) and Ali-san (UPS-1) were commended as an excellent student from Saudi Culture Office Tokyo.
Education Fair for the admission into higher education institutions was carried out. 7 universities and 3 business colleges participated in this fair despite being a tight schedule. We deeply appreciate the cooperation of each institution.